Roundup Intro: Week of July 30, 2018

Top News in Real Estate: July 30th, 2018

Renter satisfaction, housing cost burdens in apartment assets, and millennial preferences for cities versus suburbs are covered in this week’s news highlights. First, MultifamilyBiz takes a look at how robust supply is impacting multifamily rental demand. Then, MFE reports on the continued rise of renter satisfaction in the second quarter of 2018. A new post from Arbor’s Chatter blog examines how housing cost burdens vary across asset classes. Next, CityLab discusses the difficulty in pinning down where Millennials want to live. Finally, MBA explains why in some metro areas, rising home values make renting more appealing.

Multifamily Rental Demand Remains Strong

MultifamilyBiz — August 3, 2018

“Nationally, multifamily completions should reach an all-time peak in 2018 as more than 300,000 new units flood the market, outpacing even the highest absorption levels in recent history.”

Renter Satisfaction Continues to Rise in Q2, Renewal Intent Holds Steady

Multifamily Executive — August 1, 2018

“National resident satisfaction continued to rise in the second quarter of 2018, with 77.3% of residents reporting they were satisfied overall with their renting experience.”

Fewer Households Cost Burdened in Small Apartment Assets

Arbor Chatter — August 2, 2018

“Data on the extent of housing-cost burden shows that relatively fewer households in small apartment properties are impacted severely by rental expenses.”

Do Millennials Prefer Cities or Suburbs? Maybe Both.

CityLab — July 30, 2018

“Some forecasts call for a ‘peak Millennial’ cliff, with young adults giving up urban centers for the ‘burbs starting around 2020. But that scenario may be mistaken.”

In Some Metros, Soaring Home Values Make Renting More Enticing

Mortgage Bankers Association — July 30, 2018

“Nearly two-thirds of American adults own homes. But in some metro areas, renters may have an incentive to stay renters.”


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