Roundup Intro: Week of July 27, 2018

Rental affordability, socially responsible investing, and the fastest-growing apartment markets are covered in this week’s news highlights. First, Mortgage Bankers Association discusses the resiliency of the multifamily market in 2018. Then, Property Management Insider takes a look at the economy’s impact on apartment demand and demographics. A new post from Arbor’s Chatter blog examines apartment affordability across the largest US metro areas. Then, MFE discusses how owners and developers are leveraging their sustainable and social efforts in investment. Finally, RealPage states that about 1.5 million units have completed in the U.S. in the current cycle, with two states leading the way in inventory growth.

A ‘Resilient’ Multifamily Market

Mortgage Bankers Association – July 26, 2018

“The strong performance is a good sign that demand generally is holding up and that robust supply growth is not an impediment to rent growth in most markets.”

Future Renters and Apartment Demand Factors

Property Management Insider – July 26, 2018

“With the expectation that the economy is on the cusp of a new direction, multifamily strategies are likely to shift.”

A Look at Small Asset Rental Affordability Across the Largest U.S. Metro Areas

Arbor Chatter – July 26, 2018

“The share of household income spent on housing costs for small properties ranges significantly across the largest U.S. cities. Overall, this share has declined slightly with the ongoing economic recovery, improving affordability in recent years.”

Socially Responsible Investing Accelerates in U.S. Multifamily Space

Multifamily Executive – July 20, 2018

“Investment funds connected to some sort of environmental, social, or governance (ESG) screen now account for more than $22.89 trillion, or 26%, of assets under management globally.”

Texas, North Carolina Dominate Fastest-Growing Apartment Markets List

RealPage – July 19, 2018

“In total, about 1.5 million units have completed in the U.S. during the current cycle. Those units translated to an 11.1% increase in the total apartment stock. In some major markets, however, inventory expansion has been much greater.”


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