Weekly Roundup: March 12th, 2018

A stable apartment outlook and the pressing need for affordable housing is covered in this week’s multifamily news update. First, Property Management Insider reveals the market conditions that are making developers gain confidence in multifamily. Then, Real Page examines how quickly the average U.S. apartment rent has increased over the current cycle. Next, NMHC confirms that apartments continue to grow in popularity among domestic and foreign investors, making them a solid investment prospect. The MBA then focuses in on the stability of commercial real estate. Finally, City Lab emphasizes the urgent need to address the nationwide shortage of affordable housing available to low-income renters.

Builders, Developers: Multifamily Landscape is Improving
Property Management Insider March 13
“Although multifamily housing starts are expected to slightly moderate this year and in 2019, industry leaders project production levels to remain stable in a range considered normal.”

West Region Dominates Rent Growth Leaderboard in the Current Cycle
MPF Research March 14
“While the pace of progress is slowing, apartment rental rates across the country have been growing for eight consecutive years now, despite extensive construction activity.”

New Research Confirms Apartments Outperform Across Time, Geography and Market Conditions
NMHC March 14
“Apartments outperform other commercial real estate property types, on both a risk-adjusted and unadjusted basis, regardless of holding period, geographic region, metro size, and growth rate according to new research.”

‘Stable’ CRE Property Values
Mortgage Bankers Association March 15
“Commercial real estate assets prices generally held steady in early 2018, sector analysts said.”

 For Low-Income Renters, the Affordable Housing Gap Persists
Citylab – March 13
A map of the gap shows that it’s a problem that persists everywhere — not one state or metro has enough affordable housing, though different shades represent varying degrees of scarcity.”


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