Read This Book To Learn About REITS

Ralph L. Block’s Investing in REITs is in its fourth edition. Any of his editions are worth a read as they have long been considered the definitive guides to REIT investments for both individual and institutional investors. Because investing in REITs is a lucrative yet precise industry, having an expert chime in can prove less daunting, especially for the novice.  With above-average dividend yields and stable earnings, understanding and maneuvering through this attractive asset class can prove literal dividends in financial portfolios, especially for its diversification potential. The book is a valuable for investors, financial planners, and investment advisors keen on delving into the benefits of REITs and REIT investment potential.

Block’s fourth edition of Investing in REITS covers:

  • History of the REIT industry
  • REITs versus other investments
  • Blue-chip REITs and control investment risks
  • Valuing REIT stocks and REIT shares
  • Building a diversified REIT portfolio with REIT and/or mutual fund
  • Rewards (and risks) of commercial real estate
  • Non-US REITs and how to invest in them
  • Upcoming and potential developments and strategies in the REIT industry

Author Ralph L. Block is currently the Executive Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager at Bay Isle Financial Corporation and has had 40 years of expertise with REITs.


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