American Forests’ Global ReLeaf® Program Restores and Reforests Ecosystems

For 25 years, American Forests Global ReLeaf has been responsible for the restorative works of reforesting ecosystems, planting 50 million trees in areas of crucial need.  Working in all 50 US States and over 40 countries throughout the world, Global ReLeaf programs have rescued natural wildlife habitats from collapsing due to pests, diseases, deforestation, natural disaster and environmental issues.

American Forest has been successful at curating volunteers, organizations, and corporations to become involved in myriad projects dealing with the protection of the natural global biosystems of various species of animals, trees and plants.

In 2015, Global ReLeaf continues its mission with  36 active projects within 18 states and 7 countries, targeting the reforestation and restoration of areas devastated by damage and neglect.  

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